This waitress couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the bill and the tip…


    The stressful year that this single mom, Trisha Murphy, was facing was one of the biggest challenges for her. However, she experienced a miracle in the form of a nice stranger who came to her in the restaurant where she was working.
    This single mother made a lot of effort for her four children.
    She worked two jobs to raise money for food, shelter, and clothing. Trisha worked at Denny’s as a waitress and also on the second shift in a nursing home. In addition, she also went back to school in order to graduate.

    However, had this single mother no luck and no money as her car was towed before Christmas.

    The $ 735 bill used up their savings and destroyed them completely. Because of this, this single mother sought a way to bring Christmas to her children.

    One day she entered her shift completely disappointed and hopeless. She searched every possibility, what she could do even more, so she could buy gifts for her children in time. Anyway, that very day she had a funny feeling that she would go home happy today and that something unique will happen.

    “I have no idea how I can do it all. I’ve been thinking about it “- she said.

    However, Trisha was aware of the fact that she had a lot work to do and put a friendly smile on her face.

    She saw three men sitting on one of their tables, waiting for the waitress. These customers were not so well dressed and she immediately thought they were “average” tippers, but however, she was friendly and very nice to them.

    A conversation about the holidays began and Murphy tried to avoid this conversation.
    She tried not to kill the fun, but her voice betrayed her difficult situation and she finally admitted that she wanted to celebrate Christmas just because of her kids. It was easy to notice that this single mom was stressed out.

    As she said that, a customer joked that she had luck and that he was Santa, but Trisha did not take it seriously and thought that he just wanted to be friendly.

    This is usually how it works at Denny’s; the customers bring the receipts to the hostess stand to control them. However, this man insisted that Murphy control the bill herself.
    As she took the bill in her hand and looked at it, she almost collapsed. She realized that this stranger was tipping her $ 500.

    “Merry Christmas, my dear” – the man told her on his way out.

    “I do not know this man and I do not know his name, but I hope he knows that he is responsible for the happy Christmas of my children … Today I really met Santa Claus!”
    The mother could hardly believe it when she closed the bill. It took her some time to understand that this man was not joking and that he was a real Santa. Exactly this man saved Christmas for Trisha’s children.

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